Hear Larry Lazor on the Tom Shattuck Show, WTIC-1080am June 15, 2022

Click on the button below to hear Dr. Larry Lazor, from West Hartford, candidate for U.S. Congress, First District on The Tom Shattuck Show.


In the clip, you'll hear why Dr. Lazor is running for Congress against John Larsen and why he has a great chance to win this november!

Larry also discusses where he stands on many issues facing Connecticut voters and why his platform is better for our state and our nation!

Hear the Latest About the Lawsuit to Save our High School Names - Conard Chieftains and Hall Warriors; June 13, 2022

So much going on with saving the high school names of the Conard Chieftains and Hall Warriors.  Listen to this excerpt from the Todd Feinburg show on WTIC-1080am radio on June 13, 2020.  Todd interviewed guest, Scott Zweig, an attorney and West Hartford resident, who provided the latest information about the lawuit to save our high school names.


Click on the button below to hear the interview!

Great Event for West Hartford Republican Town Committee at Celebrate West Hartford - June 12, 2022

What a great day at "Celebrate West Hartford" yesterday.  I was so encouraged by the crowds who stopped by our booth, the fantastic conversations and the attitude of West Hartford residents.  We added dozens of new names to our subscription list, we added dozens of new signatures to our School Name Change petition, and we distributed over 500 "West Hartford Town Committee" balloons to kids (and some adults).  It was amazing to view a sea of red balloons all over the event and event attendees took notice!  We even registered some new Republicans!

It was great to have Dominic Rapini (candidate for Secretary of State), Harry Arora (candidate for State Treasurer), Jessica Kordas (candidate for State Attorney General), Anastasia Yopp (candidate for the 20th District State House) and representatives from the Themis Klarides for U.S. Senate campaign and Bob Stefanowski for Governor Campaign.  It was great to see our local Republican officials, Al Cortes (Town Council), Mark Zydanowicz (Town Council), Ethan Goldman (Board of Education) and Dr. Gayle Harris (Board of Education) at the event as well.  And we can't forget Beth Kyle and Eileen Swanton who were working the Registrar of Voters booth all day!

Thank you to all of the RTC volunteers who helped gather signatures, speak with West Hartford voters and get our balloons out.

Lawsuit Moves Forward to Stop Conard and Hall High Schools Name Changes - GoFundMe Page Created

On Monday, June 6, attorney Scott Zweig, a West Hartford resident and Hall High School Alum, along with Mary McGowan, also a West Hartford resident, filed a lawsuit in Hartford Superior Court against the West Hartford Board of Education, the West Hartford Public Schools, Superintendent Thomas Moore and Assistant Superintendent Andrew Morrow.  The lawsuit contends that the West Hartford Board of Education failed to follow established Board of Education policies in the Renaming Motions for the High Schools.  A hearing is scheduled for July 7, 2022.


A GoFundMe page has been established to help cover legal expenses for the lawsuit with a goal to raise $15,000.


Please support the action by clicking the button below and contributing to the cause!

Scenes from Our Lincoln/Reagan Dinner at Rockledge Grille, Thursday, June 2, 2002

What an incredible evening.  It was our biggest and most well attended event in recent history as over 60 attendees filled the restaurant for the West Hartford RTC Annual Lincoln/Reagan Dinner.  Guest speakers were Anastasia Yopp (candidate for the State House 20th District), Mary Fay (candidate for State Comptroller), Dr. Larry Lazor (candidate for U.S. Congress, First District) and keynote speaker Bob Stefanowski (candidate for Governor).  Check out the photo collages from the event!

Our Next Republican Town Committee Meeting

Monday, June 20, 2022, 7:00pm

West Hartford Town Hall, Room 400

WeHa RTC Supports American Legion, Scouts in Planting American Flags at Fairview Cemetery, Saturday, May 14, 2022 

Bob Stefanowski, Candidate for Governor Participates

West Hartford, CT – Over thirty-five members, family and friends of the West Hartford Republican Town Committee (RTC) showed support for the American Legion and Boy Scouts of America this past Saturday by participating in an annual event honoring veterans for Memorial Day.  The volunteers assisted the American Legion, Boy Scouts of America and fellow neighbors’ by planting American Flags on veterans’ gravesites at Fairview Cemetery.


“This has become an honorable and patriotic tradition for the RTC” said Shawn Daly, West Hartford RTC Chairman.  “Years ago, the former Republican Town Council Minority Leader, Denise Bernard Hall, started the tradition for the RTC to participate in this event.  We’re proud to continue the tradition and just like our RTC membership, our volunteers who participate with us is growing every year.”


Bob Stefanowski, the Republican candidate for Governor, also participated with the West Hartford RTC for the event.  “It’s an honor to pay homage to those that served our country,” said Stefanowski, “I felt privileged to join the West Hartford RTC for this event.”

Republican Town Council Representative, Al Cortes, also participated on Saturday.  Cortes is a veteran and former member of the Connecticut Army National Guard.  “As a veteran, I feel it’s important that we continue to recognize and honor the memory of our veterans and their service to our country,’ said Cortes, “it’s great that West Hartford RTC members, friends and family support the American Legion and Boy Scouts of America for this event.”


In addition to Stefanowski and Cortes, other Republican candidates and elected officials who participated in the event were Ethan Goldman, West Hartford Board of Education Representative, as well as, Dr. Larry Lazor, Candidate for U.S. Congress, First District, Anastasia Yopp, State House Candidate for the 18th District and Juan Villamizar, State Senate Candidate for the 5th District.


Republicans Shut Out "A Connecticut Party," Libertarian Party and write-in candidate for all Minority Seats in Town Council, Board of Education - November 2, 2021

Pictured above: members of the West Hartford Republican Town Committee, friends and family members and newly elected officials, Mary Fay, Mark Zydanowicz, Alberto Cortes and Dr. Gayle Harris

On Election Night, Tuesday, November 2nd, the smiles and laughs were growing and growing throughout the evening as election return results from each polling pricinct reported in.  By the end of the evening, it was abundantly clear, the West Hartford Republicans swept the miniority seats, shutting out all candidates from "A Connecticut Party" including the incumbent, Lee Gold. Mark Merritt, Rick Bush, Ronni Rodman and Ross Jacobs.  In addition, your Republican candidates beat out David DeHaas (Libertarian Party) as well as write-in candidate Aaron Sarwar.


It was an incredible night on all accounts and the candidates along with members of the West Hartford Republican Town Committee worked hard during the election season canvassing neighborhoods, creating strategy, making phone calls, raising funds and getting out the vote!


The Republican Town Committee and our candidates want to thank the voters of the Town of West Hartford for the clear message they sent to the Town Council and the Board of Education.  The Town has spoken, they don't want another Democrat party - they want the Democrats to work with Republicans to make West Hartford a better town.


The results validated that the four pillar platform of Improved Infrastructure to Support Business, Public Safety and Security, Support for Schools and Demand Fiscal Responsibility resonated well with the voters in town.


For further information, click on the button below to read the article in We-Ha.com.

West Hartford RTC Chairman Issues "Alberto Cortes" Pumpkin Challenge! - October 2, 2021

Pictured from left to right:  Shawn Daly (West Hartford RTC Chairman), his daughter Shannon Daly and his wife, Eileen Daly

As Chairman of the West Hartford Republican Town Committee, I must say that my family and I love getting our pumplins from The United Methodist Church on the corner of New Britain Avenue and Bershire Road in West Hartford.  The proceeds from the pumpkin purchases goes to help the church fund various charities.


We're so proud of our Republican Town Council candidate, Alberto Cortes, for running the pumpkin sales project for the church this year.


We challenge the town to come fill an even bigger wheelbarrow of pumpkins for their own home than we did.  We're calling it, "The Alberto Cortes Challenge!"

Republican Municipal Candidates to Host Campaign Fundraiser on Thursday, October 7, from 5pm - 7pm

Please join us for a fundraiser for our candidates this Thursday, October 7, from 5pm - 7pm at the home of 7 Whitehill Drive in West Hartford.


This is a great chance to get to know all of our candidates running for West Hartford Town Council and Board of Education.  At the event, you'll hear from our candidates and have the opportunity to tell them what's important to you!


Donation to enter the event is $40 per person and hors d' oeurves and a wine tasting will be provided courtesy of The London Shop Wine & Liquors, here in West Hartford.


If you have any questions or if you need additional information, please email our RTC Chairman, Shawn Daly at chair@whgop.org or call the West Hartford RTC office at 860-840-7430.


You may donate your $40 at the door or you can click on the button below to pre-pay your $40 donation for the event.

Great Event for the West Hartford RTC and Republican Municipal Candidates at the Park Road Parade - October 2, 2021

What a great day at The Park Road Parade!  We had a ton of traffic at our booth where we provided over 3 cases of cold bottled water, 3 Dunkin' Donuts "Boxes of Joe" coffee, and over 5 dozen donuts from Dunkin' Donuts to parade watchers.  In addition, we gave out over 50 red, West Hartford Republican Town Committee balloons to kids and you could see them lined all along the parade route!


We also had parade patrons sign up to receive our newsletter and the candidates handed out their palm cards and donor cards.  Not to mention, they had great conversations with West Hartford voters.  Great job to our Town Council candidates, Mary Fay, Mark Zydanowicz, and Alberto Cortes as well as our Board of Educations candidate, Dr. Gayle Harris!

Meet and Greet at Fernwood has Roundtable Discussion with Themis Klarides - September 29, 2021

Pictured from left to right:  Dennis Swanton (Republican State Central Representative), Alberto Cortes (Candidate for West Hartford Town Council), Themis Klarides (Former State House Republican Leader), Mary Fay (Incumbent candidate for West Hartford Town Council) and Shawn Daly (West Hartford Republican Town Committee Chairman)

Pictured from left to right:  Alberto Cortes, Mary Fay and Themis Klarides

Candidates and political leaders meet with West Hartford Town Committee members and West Hartford resident voters.  Pictured from closest to the front and then clockwise:  Shawn Daly, Liz Gillette, Alberto Cortes, Themis Klarides, Mary Fay, Lynda DelGross and Adrienne Maker

It was an intimate setting at The Fernwood Restaurant in the Elmwood section of West Hartford on Wednesday, September 29.  Former State House Republican Leader, Themis Klarides joined in on a Roundtable discussion to talk about key topics affecting West Hartford voters.

Hear Dr. Gayle Harris Appearing with The Tom Shattuck Show on WTIC-1080am Radio - September 23, 2021

On Thursday morning, September 23, Dr. Gayle Harris, your Republican candidate for West Hartford Board of Education, spoke with Tom Shattuck on WTIC-1080AM radio to discuss the juvenile violence in our schools.  Click on the button below to hear the segment.

Pictured from left to right:  Adrienne Maker, Liz Santoro, Dennis Swanton, Lynda DelGross, Bill Tacy, Kaye Straw, Mary Fay (Town Council Candidate), Ted Mancini, Angleo DiMatteo (photo by West Hartford RTC Chairman, Shawn Daly)

An Army of Volunteers Assist Candidate Mary Fay to Canvass the Webster Hill Middle School District - September 25, 2021

Members of the West Hartford Republican Town Committee (RTC) worked together with Mary Fay going door-to-door in the Webster Hill School neighborhood, dropping off palm cards and taking requests from neighbors to place advertising lawn signs in their yards.  There were many great conversations and the team was energized with such a great reception from the neighborhood!

Candidates and Volunteers Work Together to Canvass Sedgwick Middle School District - September 18, 2021

An army of RTC member volunteers banded together on Saturday to canvass the Segdwick Middle School area, knocking on doors, speaking with voters and providing "palm cards" with information about our municipal candidates and where they stand on important issues facing West Hartford residents.  Canvassing will continue every Saturday until Election Day.


See the collage below of a few of our RTC members who helped volunteer to canvass neighborhoods

Pictured in collage:  (from left to right and top to bottom), RTC members Anthony Mancini, Ted Mancini, Adrienne Maker and Lynda DelGross

Candidates Meet and Greet Attendees, RTC Members Volunteer at St. Timothy's/St. Thomas the Apostle Church "Parish Picnic" - September 12, 2021

Our candidates Mark Zydanowicz, Alberto Cortes and Dr. Gayle Harris were among the more than 300 attendees at the "Parish Picnic" at Northwest Catholic High School on September 12.  In addition, the West Hartford Republican Town Committee (RTC) Deputy Treasurer, Anthony Mancini and the RTC Chiairman, Shawn Daly, volunteered by handing out food and beverages during the event.  The weather was beautiful and the event was a smashing success with our candidates shaking hands and talking about issues with many who were in attendance.

Republican Municipal Candidates Announce Campaign Platform - September 9, 2021

The West Hartford Republican slate of candidates released their campaign platform, which they call the "Four Pillars for West Hartford."  Click on the button below to read the article in We-Ha.com to read more details about the Four Pillars.

West Hartford Municipal Candidates Launch New Website for the 2021 Election - September 6, 2021

OK West Hartford voters.  We need your help to have our Republican candidates win their Town Council and Board of Education seats on Election Day, November 2nd.  Our candidates are running as a slate and their new website just went live today.


Please check out their website where you can learn more about the candidates and their campaign platform.  We need your help by donating to the campaigna and volunteering!


Please click on the button below to see the new candidates website:

Candidate Alberto Cortes, RTC Chairman Shawn Daly Speak at Elmwood Business Association - September 3, 2021

Al Cortes, Candidate for Town Council and Shawn Daly, Chairman of the West Hartford Republican Town Committee, met with about 15 members of the Elmwood Businesses Association to talk about issues affecting Elmwood businesses.  Among items discussed were a preview of the slate's "Four Pillars for West Hartford" campaign platform.  Al introduced himself and talked about safety issues in town and solutions the slate will implement when elected.  Shawn provided insight into issues around distribution of resources for businesses in town and how the Republican slate of candidates will implement solutions to prevent this from happening.

We-Ha.com Letter to the Editor:  Mark Zydanowicz Hopes to Use Board of Ed Experience in Role on Town Coucil - September 1, 2021

We-Ha.com Letter to the Editor:  Something Must Be Done About Crime - August 31, 2021

We-Ha.com Letter to the Editor:  Board of Education Candidate Gayle Harris Presents Platform - August 30, 2021

We-Ha.com Letter to the Editor:  Town Council Candidate Mary Fay Announces Endorsement - August 29, 2021

West Hartford Republican Town Committee Vision for West Hartford 

The West Hartford Republican Town Committee sees a bright future for our town. We need to act NOW to rebuild our foundation which will lead to a robust local economy that benefits all residents. Our vision is to embrace our diversity which makes our community unique and vibrant. We are excited to share our vision to make West Hartford the model for fiscal discipline, economic growth, community engagement and forward thinking. The core elements of our platform is focused on 4 key areas, Educational reform, Economic Development, Fiscal Responsibility and Safety & Security.

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