Candidates Meet and Greet Attendees, RTC Members Volunteer at St. Timothy's/St. Thomas the Apostle Church "Parish Picnic" - September 12, 2021

Our candidates Mark Zydanowicz, Alberto Cortes and Dr. Gayle Harris were among the more than 300 attendees at the "Parish Picnic" at Northwest Catholic High School on September 12.  In addition, the West Hartford Republican Town Committee (RTC) Deputy Treasurer, Anthony Mancini and the RTC Chiairman, Shawn Daly, volunteered by handing out food and beverages during the event.  The weather was beautiful and the event was a smashing success with our candidates shaking hands and talking about issues with many who were in attendance.

Republican Municipal Candidates Announce Campaign Platform - September 9, 2021

The West Hartford Republican slate of candidates released their campaign platform, which they call the "Four Pillars for West Hartford."  Click on the button below to read the article in We-Ha.com to read more details about the Four Pillars.

West Hartford Municipal Candidates Launch New Website for the 2021 Election - September 6, 2021

OK West Hartford voters.  We need your help to have our Republican candidates win their Town Council and Board of Education seats on Election Day, November 2nd.  Our candidates are running as a slate and their new website just went live today.


Please check out their website where you can learn more about the candidates and their campaign platform.  We need your help by donating to the campaigna and volunteering!


Please click on the button below to see the new candidates website:

Candidate Alberto Cortes, RTC Chairman Shawn Daly Speak at Elmwood Business Association - September 3, 2021

Al Cortes, Candidate for Town Council and Shawn Daly, Chairman of the West Hartford Republican Town Committee, met with about 15 members of the Elmwood Businesses Association to talk about issues affecting Elmwood businesses.  Among items discussed were a preview of the slate's "Four Pillars for West Hartford" campaign platform.  Al introduced himself and talked about safety issues in town and solutions the slate will implement when elected.  Shawn provided insight into issues around distribution of resources for businesses in town and how the Republican slate of candidates will implement solutions to prevent this from happening.

We-Ha.com Letter to the Editor:  Mark Zydanowicz Hopes to Use Board of Ed Experience in Role on Town Coucil - September 1, 2021

We-Ha.com Letter to the Editor:  Something Must Be Done About Crime - August 31, 2021

We-Ha.com Letter to the Editor:  Board of Education Candidate Gayle Harris Presents Platform - August 30, 2021

We-Ha.com Letter to the Editor:  Town Council Candidate Mary Fay Announces Endorsement - August 29, 2021

West Hartford Republican Town Committee Vision for West Hartford 

The West Hartford Republican Town Committee sees a bright future for our town. We need to act NOW to rebuild our foundation which will lead to a robust local economy that benefits all residents. Our vision is to embrace our diversity which makes our community unique and vibrant. We are excited to share our vision to make West Hartford the model for fiscal discipline, economic growth, community engagement and forward thinking. The core elements of our platform is focused on 4 key areas, Educational reform, Economic Development, Fiscal Responsibility and Safety & Security.

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