• Pre-K
    • Neither
      • A book about 2 species of animals (birds and rabbits) in which the main character appears to be both
  • Kindergarten
    • Introducing Teddy: A Gentle Story about Gender and Friendship
      • "I need to be myself.  In my heart, I've always known that I am a girl teddy, not a boy teddy.  I wish my name was Tilly, not Thomas."
  • 1st Grade
    • Jacob's New Dress
      • A boy named Jacob goes to school to change into a sparkly dress and pretends to be a princess
  • 2nd Grade
    • Angus All Aglow
      • A boy named Angus wears his grandmother's necklaces to school
  • 4th Grade
    • 10,000 Dresses
      • Baily is introduced as a “her.” She dreams of dresses. She wakes to a series of interactions with her mother, father and brother, in which they say in harsh words that “You are a boy. You don’t wear dresses.” The father says to “Go away and don’t mention dresses again.” The brother says “That’s gross.” Then Bailey meets an older girl and discovers that dresses represent her true self. 
    • Ho'onani Hula Warrior
      • A girl wants to do a traditional Hawaiian performance that is usually for boys. The protagonist is repeatedly described as being neither a boy nor a girl. Her sister makes various judgmental comments, such as “How embarrassing.”
  • 5th Grade
    • I am Jazz
      • Jazz has a “girl brain but a boy body. This is called transgenderism. I was born this way.” Jazz likes “girl clothes” and princesses, not trucks. At first the school wanted to make Jazz use the boys’ bathroom and play on boys’ sports teams, “but that didn’t feel normal to me at all".
    • It Feels Good to Be Yourself
      • “When you were born, you couldn’t tell people who you were or how you felt. They looked at you and made a guess. Maybe they got it right. Maybe they got it wrong. What a baby’s body looks like when they were born can be a clue to what the baby’s gender will be, but not always.”
      • “You might feel that your gender changes from day to day or year to year. Your feelings about your gender are real.”
      • The book introduces and defines concepts such as transgender, cisgender, and nonbinary. 
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