• When are elections and conventions held? 
    • General municipal, state and federal elections are held on Election Day, which is held the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.  Please check the "Events" section of the WeHaRTC website for dates of primaries, conventions, and special elections.

  • Who can help me with specific election questions? 

  • What do I do if I'm interested in running for municipal or state office as a registered Republican? 
    • You should contact the WeHaRTC Chairman by sending an email to chair@whgop.org with your contact information including your name, address, phone number (preferably your cell phone number) your email address, the office you wish to run for as a candidate and the reason why you feel you would make a quality candidate.

  • How do I become a registered Republican in West Hartford? 
    • On the "Home" page of the WeHaRTC website, simply click on the "Vote GOP" box.

  • How are municipal candidates selected? 
    • Municipal candidates are selected through a candidate vetting process and are voted on by the members of the West Hartford Republican Town Committee.

  • What is the purpose of conventions? 
    • To endorse a candidate or candidates for nomination to run as the party-endorsed candidate in a primary or election.

  • How are delegates determined for the conventions?  Do I need to be a WeHaRTC member to be considered for a delegate designation? 
    • Delegates are nominated or selected by the WeHaRTC and are voted on by the WeHaRTC members.  One does not need to be a member of the WeHaRTC to be considered for a delegate position but one must be a registered Republican in the Town of West Hartford.

  • How do I find out where I'm supposed to vote for municipal, state and federal elections? 
    • You may contact the Republican Registrar of Voters (see "who can help me with specific election questions?") or you can click on our "How to Vote" section of our website.



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