Joining the WeHaRTC

  • How do I become a WeHaRTC member?  What is required? 
    • You can send an email to the WeHaRTC Chairman ( to see if there is an opening in your district and can discuss further how to be nominated and considered to become a member of the WeHaRTC.  The major requirement is you must be a registered Republican currently residing in the Town of West Hartford and can abide by the bylaws, duties and responsibilities of the membership.
  • How many districts are in the WeHaRTC?  How do I know if there are openings on the WeHaRTC? 
    • There are 9 districts in the Town of West Hartford.  You can contact the WeHaRTC Chairman by sending an email to to see if there is an opening available in your district.
  • How do I know which district I reside in West Hartford? 
    • There are 9 districts in the Town of West Hartford.  Your district is dependent on where you vote for municipal, state and local elections.  Districts are as follows:
      • District 1 - King Philip Middle School
      • District 2 - Bristow Middle School
      • District 3 - West Hartford Town Hall
      • District 4 - Elmwood Community Center
      • District 5 - Wolcott Elementary School
      • District 6 - Conard High School
      • District 7 - Sedgwick Middle School
      • District 8 - Braeburn Elementary School
      • District 9 - Hall High School
  • Why should I become a WeHaRTC member?  What is the purpose? 
    • WeHaRTC members are responsible for helping to engage and educate our fellow residents about Republican and conservative values as well as support candidates for elective office that share the vision of fiscal responsibility, growth and sustainability, as well as, safety and security of a forward thinking education platform.  If you share these values and want purpose in your life volunteering with others who share these values then, becoming a WeHaRTC member may be right for you.
  • How long is a term for a WeHaRTC member? 
    • Terms are for two years and there is a caucus to vote on membership during the WeHaRTC meeting in the month of March
  • Can anyone attend WeHaRTC meetings? 
    • Yes.  WeHaRTC meetings are open to the general public.


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