• Do I need to be a member of the WeHaRTC to volunteer? 
    • No.  You do not need to be a WeHaRTC member to participate in volunteer opportunities.

  • What volunteer committees/opportunities are available? 
    • There are 6 volunteer committees for the WeHaRTC.  The committees are:
      • Fundraising Committee - responsible for planning and organizing Town Committee fundraising events and activities
      • Marketing Committee - responsible for upgrading, maintaining and posting content to the Town Committee website, producing Republican television shows on West Hartford Community TV, and organizing and submitting letters to the editor of media organizations
      • Bylaw Committee - responsible for drafting amendments to the WeHaRTC ByLaw rules
      • Recruiting Committee - responsible for assisting the Republican Registrar of Voters outside the Registrar's office in registering Republican voters in West Hartford, soliciting current West Hartford Republicans to become active in the party and planning and organizing Town Committee participation in West Hartford community events
      • Candidate Support Committee - responsible for assisting Republican candidates, running for elected office
      • Election Day Committee - responsible for organizing Election Day operations in West Hartford

  • What if I have a volunteer opportunity - how do I solicit the help of the WeHaRTC? 


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