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Afghanistan Failure - Connecticut Congressional Reps Must Hold President Biden Accountable - August 2021

West Hartford Republicans Announce Candidates for

Town Council, Board of Education

August, 2021

The West Hartford Republican Town Committee has chosen its slate of candidates for municipal office.  For Town Council, it has endorsed Mary Fay, Mark Zydanowicz and Alberto Cortes.  For Board of Education, it has endorsed Dr. Gayle Harris.


“I could not be prouder of our group of endorsed candidates and our West Hartford Republican Town Committee,” said Shawn Daly, Chairman of the West Hartford Republican Town Committee.  “For Town Council, our committee focused on endorsing candidates that had a diverse, strong, positive track record for enhancing the resident experience for all West Hartford residents,” said Daly.  “For Board of Education, we are thrilled to also have a fantastic, well-qualified candidate with an extensive history of serving our townspeople.”


For Town Council candidates, Mary Fay, an MBA and finance senior executive, is the current Republican Minority Leader for the West Hartford Town Council.  Joining the Town Council from the 2017 election, she is currently serving her second term.  Mark Zydanowicz is currently serving his third term as one of the Republican Representatives of the West Hartford Board of Education.  Alberto Cortes, a 20-year public servant and Republican Town Council candidate back in 2019, Alberto formerly served on the West Hartford Veterans Affairs Commission and now serves on the Civilian Police Review Board.


Dr. Gayle Harris is a long-time resident of West Hartford and mother of four children.  An OBGYN in private practice for over 20 years serving the West Hartford community, she has previously worked as a one-on-one mentor with high school students for the DCF program.


“I’m so impressed with this group.” said Mary Fay.  “We are all friends and work really well together.  It’s a slate of candidates ready to work hard and represent the voters of West Hartford as a solid team.  Serving the town that I love has been a terrific honor and responsibility.  West Hartford faces many critical issues and I look forward to continue leading and serving with this highly talented and spirited team.”


“I’m excited to bring my Board of Education experience to the Town Council,” said Mark Zydanowicz.  “As a Republican, I’ve been able to successfully reach across the aisle to get many initiatives accomplished that have kept our public schools some of the best in the state and the country.  I can’t wait to do the same with our Town Council.”


Alberto Cortes had some concerns with the current direction of West Hartford.  “I’m running for Town Council because as a long-time West Hartford resident, I’m concerned with the fiscal climate and public safety issues in our town.  With my experience in law enforcement, I know that I can help make significant improvements to our town.”


Dr. Gayle Harris joins the slate as a candidate for the Board of Education.  “I’m thrilled to be endorsed as a Board of Education candidate for the Republicans,” said Dr. Harris.  “My children have attended Jewish schools, West Hartford Public Schools and private schools so, I will bring a diverse and unique perspective to the Board of Education.  After serving on various executive boards of area schools, I’m ready to help move West Hartford Public Schools into an even greater parent and student experience.”  Current Board of Education member, Liz Wilcox, will not be seeking reelection.


“Our Republican Town Committee has significantly grown in just the past couple of months,” said P.J. Louis, Vice-Chairman of the West Hartford Republican Town Committee.  “We have a terrific slate of candidates, a rejuvenated town committee and an army of diverse volunteers who are assembled and ready to work diligently to earn every single vote in town, providing a plan with real solutions to the real issues that are affecting our community.”

August 3, 2021

West Hartford Republicans Announce Candidates for

Town Council, Board of Education

May 21, 2021

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Encourages Republicans to vote for Mary Fay in August 11 primary


July 15, 2020


Southington, CT – Joe Markley, the former State Senator and Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor in 2018, has endorsed Mary Fay for the U.S. House of Representatives in Connecticut’s First District.

“I am delighted Mary is running and proud to support her,” said Markley. “Mary has intelligence and courage; the moment I met her, I was taken by her spirit and warmth. She has the determination and the organization to take the fight to John Larson and make Republicans proud.”


Fay, who won the strong endorsement of the Republican congressional convention in May, faces a primary on Tuesday, August 11. “I strongly encourage all of my fellow Republican voters in the First District to vote Mary Fay in the primary,” said Markley, a Southington resident. “She is clearly the best choice for our party and for the people of this district. I was honored to place her name in nomination at our convention, and I will do my best for her right up to Election Day.”


“I am so happy to have Joe’s endorsement for Congress,” said Mary Fay. “Joe has been such a great public servant for the people of Connecticut. It’s an honor to have his faith in my candidacy and campaign.”


“I’ve had many conversations with Mary about her campaign and her platform. I’m extremely impressed by her ideas for Connecticut and the nation,” said Markley. “During the two decades John Larson has been in Congress, our state has steadily lost ground. It is time for a change in leadership in the First District, and Mary Fay has the energy and expertise to provide that change.”


Fay said that she is excited and encouraged by the progress of her campaign. “I have a fantastic team of volunteers,” she said. “We’re working hard to get my message out and to let the people in the First District know they have a choice, and our state still has a chance. Connecticut is worth fighting for, and our campaign for change is only beginning.”

For more information, Fay can be reached at

West Hartford Republican Town Committee Responds to the current events affecting our country. 

June 3, 2020 

West Hartford, CT – The West Hartford Republican Town Committee is an organization that is respectful, inclusive and diverse in thought and make up reflecting the make up of our town. As a committee, we stand with our fellow residents of color and all who have been subject to abuse and racism. The senseless death of George Floyd perpetuates a cycle we must break! To do so, and in conjunction with the strength of the human spirit we must promote RESPECT and COMMUNITY. Respect is the cornerstone on how we can move forward, teaching ourselves and our children that respect for both individuals and law-enforcement is vital and responsible. We must embrace Respect as a two-way street to foster a stronger community for now and the future. It is now more important than ever that we come together to build (and in some cases re-build) the bridge of respect and community for all.


We have a unique opportunity to frame the discussion as we communicate the opening of our town and state due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. The Committee calls on all members and members of our community at large to be a part of the education and healing process. Let’s work together to foster a stronger community where respect, and kindness are the pillars we work with towards the goal of respect for all. During this time, we are reminded by Elie Wiesel, “When human lives are endangered, when human dignity is in jeopardy…Wherever men and women are persecuted because of their race, religion or political view, that place must - at that moment- become the center of the universe.” We can not be silent is his message and one that we need to live by today.


Let us come together no more than ever in mutual Respect to honor our diverse community.


Visit to learn more about our core pillars, elected officials and to get involved. 


June 1, 2020

West Hartford, CT – On May 20, at the first-ever Republican virtual convention, Mary Fay earned the Republican nomination to run for US Congress in Connecticut’s first district. In her second term on the West Hartford Town Council, Fay garnered 59% of the 153 Republican delegates to win the nomination of her party.


“I’m extremely thrilled, honored and humbled to be able to represent all people in the first district of Connecticut in the United States Congress” said Fay. “There is so much to be done to help residents finally emerge from two successive recessions. It is time to bring about a robust economy, bring back jobs and improve education so that everyone gets an opportunity to succeed. We’ve got to grow and expand the middle class and provide rewards for hard working people.”


Fay was nominated by State Senator and former Lt. Governor candidate, Joe Markley. “I met Mary when she was campaigning for the state house” said Markley, “I was immediately impressed. She is smart, articulate, hardworking and has wide appeal. She is just what the first congressional district needs.”


Another Fay supporter, Chris Healy, former Connecticut GOP chairman said, “Mary is a true leader. She is not afraid to take on tough challenges and has proven herself in both the business world and political arena. I’m looking forward to this exciting run.”

Fay said the details of her campaign, leadership and operations will be announced very soon. “Now the planning and work begins and I will be laser focused on the people in every town and every community in the first district” Fay said. “I’m looking forward to getting out there and hearing from constituents. It’s time the first district had a representative who will go after the gridlock in Washington and make sure Connecticut’s first district, as well as the entire state, benefits from the federal government to reverse the declining trend of our once prosperous state.”


For more information, Fay can be reached at

West Hartford Republican Town Committee announces Nominees for November Election

May 21, 2020

West Hartford, CT – The West Hartford Republican Town Committee met yesterday, May 20, 2020 (virtually) to nominate multiple individuals to represent the values of the party that Lincoln/Reagan/Bush established.

We are excited to support this diverse group of individuals that will bring solutions to address the challenges and issues our town and state are facing. The perspective each of these individuals brings to the table will help us tackle the financial instability we have and create a solid foundation for our future. They are business owners, entrepreneurs and community activists. The West Hartford Republican Town Committee unanimously nominated:

State Senate District 5 - Phil Chabot

State House District 18 - Rick Bush

State House District 20 - Alberto Cortes

Registrar of Voters – Beth Kyle.


The committee also nominated Elizabeth “Liz” Wilcox to fill the vacancy to the Board of Education. Mr. Rob Levine resigned from the Board of Education at the May meeting as a result of the expansion of his business. We are excited to be supporting Liz to help guide our BOE as we continue to deliver a top tier educational experience with an eye toward future needs all within a fiscally responsible manner.


In keeping with our fiscal values and recognizing the situation our state is in, Al Cortes will not be seeking state funded aid from SEEC. We call on the Democratic challenger to also forgo participating in the SEEC program. Funds from this program should be used to help small business in our state during this economic upheaval.


The West Hartford Republican Town Committee is focused on fiscal discipline and accountability, lessening the tax burden for all. Visit to learn more about our core pillars, elected officials and to get involved.

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