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2020 State Representative Candidate        (20th District)

2020 State Representative Candidate         (18th District)

Rick Bush for the Connecticut House of Representatives District 18


Our State needs a clear voice to support small business, property owners and working families to make CT safe, affordable and prosperous. I understand small business because I am a small business owner. I understand property owners because I manage property. I understand workers because I hire contractors, vendors, laborers and office staff and I understand tenants because I see firsthand everyday the struggles that the working poor face in our state. We need to encourage business growth by supporting and incentivizing businesses stay and to move into CT. We need to protect the rights of property owners and we need to empower our citizens to achieve success. Our economic development policies should entice industry and attract talent. Our Cities should become beacons not blights. Empty storefronts should be bustling not bare. Money should not flee our state. I will fight to showcase CT, protect our citizens, provide opportunities and sustainable growth as we emerge from lockdown.
In these unprecedented times now
more than even we need to be able to work towards a future that includes all of CT’s residents.

Rick Bush

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